Necessary Evil: Marvel 1999

June 7, 2017 Session

Monsters, Magma, and the Mole Man

Erg leads the Delta Force deep beneath the Morlocks’ Alley into some tunnels from whence “monsters” have emerged. Here, they find what must be the Mole Man’s hidden geothermal energy facility, given all the lava flowing through the caves. Before they can install Doctor Doom’s energy transmission device, however, they must face the Mole Man’s monstrous underground allies.

The first monster is Rommbu, a huge creature with a hide like a rhino. He pummels on The Blob to little effect. In spite of Rommbu’s great size, Lorelei manages to fling him into the lava. Because of the heat, combined with Machinesmith’s plasma pistol, Rommbu soon succumbs and sinks beneath the surface. Charged up by a beating from Venom, Erg actually manages to help a little before knocking himself unconscious with the effort.

Then another, more terrifying monster, known as Magmar, emerges from the lava itself. Lorelei and Venom head deeper into the caves to avoid engaging the beast, who burns the Blob rather badly. Machinesmith, seeming unconcerned for his own safety stands his ground and blasts away at the fire monster, but things seem like might end badly.

Meanwhile, Lorelei and Venom encounter the Mole Man himself. Lorelei fails to beguile him into compliance and resorts to squeezing him unconscious instead. Venom picks up the Mole Man’s staff and heads back to try and save the Blob and Machinesmith. He points the weapon at Magmar and pushes a button at random. This results in a short fiery burst from the tip of the staff, unlikely to be effective on the fire monster even if it were to reach him.

However, seeing the staff waved at him, Magmar stands down and retreats into the lava. It seems Venom has discovered the method Mole Man uses to command his monsters. So, while he and Machinesmith install Doom’s device, Lorelei turns the Mole Man into a statue.

The Delta Force returns to the surface, stopping to visit the Morlocks so Healer can deal with the Blob’s burns. They discover their Hoboken warehouse in rubble, but Doom soon turns up to explain things and transport them to a new (perhaps better?) safe house.

For this session, everyone receives 20 XP: 2 for defeating the first Maurader group and capturing Vertigo, 1 for getting Caliban to help find the Morlocks, 3 for saving the all the Morlocks from the second Maurader group and capturing another Vertigo, 1 for securing Callisto’s assistance in locating the Mole Man’s lair, 2 for defeating the Mole Man’s monsters, 1 for Venom’s amusing “accidental success” in doing so, 4 for completing the mission and installing the energy beaming device, and a 5 point bonus for the multiple sessions and multiple combats involved.

Each PC (including the Blob) also gets two more combat effectiveness levels, raising your maximum to 14.

You will also be receiving some bonus stuff at the start of next session, so although you might want to think about what to do with XP and levels in advance, I plan on finalizing any revisions at the table during next session.

Current unspent XP and levels available:
* The Blob: 20 XP, 3 levels
* Machinesmith, and Venom: 20 XP, 2 levels
* Lorelei: 23 XP, 2 levels



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