Necessary Evil: Marvel 1999

January 3, 2018 Session

Assault on Satellite 13

Delta Force 2 chooses to attack the Kree satellite and send Delta Force 1 on the moon mission. Lorelei, the Blob, and Venom don Soviet space suits while Machinesmith transfers his consciousness into the Buran shuttle and launches it into orbit. As they approach the defense perimeter, Machinesmith transmits the code provided by Colonel Yon-Rogg to the Kree fleet.

On the omni-wave transmitter, the Blob overhears a Kree comment, “It’s an older code, but it checks out.” Another Kree voice demands an explanation for their trip into orbit. The Blob manages to convince the speaker that they are bringing supplies to Satellite 13 and the mission proceeds.

After docking with the satellite, the team is surprised to find that it’s a manned facility and there are Kree waiting to receive the supplies. With a little bit of Lorelei’s magic, they manage to convince the officer in charge that they really belong there. Their subterfuge stands up for a little while, but when the officer calls his General to ask, “Where should we put this robot?”, the shooting starts.

Once Delta Force manages to figure out the elevators, the team fights its way through the three levels of the satellite. They battle more Kree than you can shake a stick out, plus some Chitauri on the dimension gate level. Finally, they make their way to the bridge. Machinesmith jumps into the central computer and starts the self-destruct sequence. Lorelei asks the General in charge to surrender and save his crew. She asks so nicely and convincingly that he immediately complies and the battle ends.

Venom is surprisingly rational today, so Delta Force returns to Earth with a shuttle full of live Kree prisoners. The satellite explodes behind them. No one turns around to look.

For this session, everyone receives 16 XP: 2 for completing the mission and 14 for delivering 14 Kree prisoners to Doctor Doom (he’s quite pleased about this, for reasons you will learn next session). Everyone also gets 2 more levels.

Current unspent XP and levels available:
* The Blob: 26 XP, 2 levels
* Lorelei: 25 XP, 2 levels
* Venom: 20 XP, 2 levels
* Machinesmith: 15 XP, 2 levels



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