Headline: Superheroes Dead, Aliens Rule

The year is 1999 and the world has been under the exclusive rule of the alien Kree Empire for five years. Global economic collapse has made the Great Depression look like a minor downtick. Radio and television are monitored and run by Kree censors. Human bureaucrats who co-operate with the aliens are rewarded with luxury goods and advanced technology, while ordinary citizens use 19th century means to eke out a meager living.

The aliens have quashed various resistance movements over the years. Humans who had extraordinary abilities and used them for altruistic reasons used to be known as superheroes. Now somewhere around 98% of them are gone — killed or placed in the camps. The Kree and their Chitauri servants are our overlords. There isn’t a single government left to oppose them, and they feel they have nothing to fear from Earth.

But they are wrong.

Earth’s heroes are dead, but there are other beings with extraordinary abilities on our planet. They were experts at avoiding capture long before the aliens invaded.

They are supervillains. And they are a necessary evil.

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Necessary Evil: Marvel 1999

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