The Morlocks

The Blob has told his allies the following about the Morlocks:

  • The Morlocks are a community of mutants who consider themselves outcasts from society. They live in a network of tunnels deep beneath New York City, below the subway and sewer systems.
  • The Morlocks are organized like a large street gang. Their network of tunnels is not only beneath the City, but also extends into the surrounding area in New York State, New Jersey, and Connecticut.
  • The Morlocks were founded by a mutant named Callisto, who named them after the subterranean race in H.G. Well’s Time Machine. Callisto is one of the prisoners the Delta Force rescued from the Kree Detention Center on Riker’s Island.
  • Callisto’s mutant powers are limited to enhanced senses, but she’s a formidable hand-to-hand fighter. The other Morlocks have various powers, but they are usually relatively weak or not particularly useful.
  • The Morlocks were nearly wiped out just before the Kree invasion by another mutant gang of assassins called the Mauraders. The X-Men saved some of the Morlocks, though, and the group has since recovered. They’ve continued to survive hidden in the tunnels even under Kree rule.
  • Some accounts claim the Morlock tunnels are “a thousand feet below the surface,” but this is an overstatement. The main Morlock tunnel is called “The Alley” and it’s located about 100 to 250 feet below the surface, not far below the deepest subway tunnels.

Venom suspects the Morlock tunnels are actually part of an old, abandoned civil defense system. In the 1950’s when Americans feared that Communists would invade their backyards at any moment, the federal government constructed an immense network of tunnels beneath New York City, the surrounding area in New York State, and much of New Jersey and Connecticut. The tunnels were intended for use by the government and the military in the event of nuclear war.

The civil defense tunnels were officially classified, but their existence was hard to conceal. After they were abandoned, though, the passage of time did what high-level classification could not: it made people forget about the tunnels.

Morlocks the Delta Force has encountered so far include:

The Morlocks

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