Tag: Kree


  • The Kree

    What the players know about the Kree: * After first presenting themselves as allies, the Kree were soon revealed as the secret masters of [[The Chitauri | the Chitauri]] and the second wave of the [[A Brief History of the Alien Invasion | alien invasion …

  • Ronan the Accuser

    The PCs finally confronted and defeated Ronan in the final battle at the Blue Area of the moon.

  • Colonel Yon-Rogg

    Yon-Rogg was the commandant of the [[Riker's Island Superhuman Detention Facility | Riker's Island Superhuman Detention Facility]]. The PCs defeated him, but he escaped using teleportation. They defeated him again when rescuing the [[:nasty-woman | Nasty …

  • Korath the Pursuer

    Korath interrupted the PCs negotiations with [[:ant-man | Ant-Man]], arriving with Ant-Man's daughter as a hostage. The PCs captured Korath, but left him in the back of a stolen minivan.