Necessary Evil: Marvel 1999

February 16, 2017 Session

The session began with the PCs (The Blob, Lorelei, Venom, and a CD boombox containing the disembodied consciousness of Machinesmith) in the custody of The Kree, riding in a short schoolbus in the direction of Riker’s Island. The trip was interrupted by the arrival of Doctor Doom in an invisible flying saucer. After his Doombots defeated the Kree guards, Doom took the PCs into his saucer ship and ascended into the sky.

Doom told the PCs this wasn’t so much a rescue as a diversion to draw off some of the defenders of the PC’s destination: Riker’s Island Superhuman Detention Facility. However, Doom offered the PCs the opportunity to repay his generosity and gave them a mission: rescue the mutant Psylocke from the detention facility. He didn’t really give them much of an option, since he dropped them from the sky right above the facility.

After a pitched battle, the PCs defeated the remaining Kree guarding the facility, including their commander, Colonel Yon-Rogg. They rescued Psylocke and several other superhuman prisoners (see Riker’s Island Superhuman Detention Facility for a list). Although Doom seemed nonplussed by the extra passengers, he took those chosen by the PCs aboard the saucer ship.

Doom deposited the PCs and the rescued prisoners at an abandoned warehouse in Hoboken, New Jersey. Before departing with Psylocke, he told the PCs they would have the opportunity to serve him again, as his new “Delta Force.”

For this session, you each get 10 XP: 2 for completing your assignment to rescue Psylocke, plus 1 for each of the additional prisoners you rescued.

You also get 1 more combat effectiveness level (raising your maximum to 10).

If you plan to spend XP before next session, try to let me know your plans in advance, so we don’t have to spend too much table time revising character sheets. Ben, this also applies if you want to reconfigure your robotics pool.



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