Telepathic Mutant Ninja


Height: 5’11"
Weight: 157 lbs
Eye Color: violet
Hair Color: black-purple

Known Powers:

  • Psi-Craft: Psychic Knife
  • Psi-Craft: Psi-Bolt
  • Psi-Craft: Telepathic Invisibility

The PCs rescued Psylocke from the Riker’s Island Superhuman Detention Facility at the behest of Doctor Doom. The Blob has shared all the other things he knows about her:

  • Psylocke is a mutant and was a member of the X-Men before the invasion. She’s some kind of telepathic ninja.Psylocke_Before.jpg
  • Psylocke’s powers include telepathy, mental blasts, and the ability to create knives out of pure psionic force. She also has some kind of martial arts training. Her real name is Elizabeth Braddock.
  • Psylocke comes from British nobility and used to be a fashion model.
  • She also used to be a white girl, but somehow got transformed into a hot Asian chick a few years before the invasion.
  • Psylocke survived the various attacks that killed most of the other X-Men. A couple of years back, you heard that she was working with an underground group of superheroes, but the Kree broke up that resistance group a while ago.


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