Played by Ben


Height: variable (formerly 6’1")
Weight: variable (formerly 174 lbs)
Eye Color: variable (formerly brown)
Hair Color: variable (formerly bald/red)

Notable Powers:

  • Consciousness Transfer
  • Configurable Android Body

Just before the alien invasion, growing despondent over existence in a robot body programmed against self-destruction, Machinesmith came up with a clever plan. He reanimated the gigantic android Dragon Man and sent him, along with various android doppelgängers of super-villains, to attack Captain America. This lengthy encounter was designed to manipulate the Avenger into destroying Machinesmith’s central computer system while his consciousness was within it, doing the job Machinesmith’s programming would not allow him to do.

And he would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren’t for the back-up routine. This hidden program was designed to guarantee Machinesmith’s survival in the event of the central unit’s destruction. It dumped Machinesmith’s consciousness into a vessel it deemed safe from his own self-destructive tendencies. An immobile vessel. A vessel out of range of robots or other high-tech systems suitable for transfer and escape. A portable CD-stereo system in a pawn shop in Harlem.

Machinesmith remained stuck in the boombox throughout the alien invasion and the subsequent years, safe but miserable. Just recently, though, someone broke into the pawnshop and stole the boombox. Before the thief, who looked like Spider-Man in a black costume, got out of Harlem, though, the Kree attacked. They captured the thief and are transporting him somewhere, maybe jail? And they’re bringing the boombox along too, maybe as evidence? Maybe they’ll take Machinesmith near one of their computers or even a starship… that would be something, wouldn’t it?


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