Kree Supreme Intelligence

The Head in a Jar that Rules the Kree


Height: 25 feet
Weight: 247 metric tons
Eyes: yellow
Hair: tentacles

Known Powers:

  • Millions of Independent Minds
  • Intergalactic Range Psionics
  • Manifesting through Subjects and Animate Automatonic Androids
  • Life-Sustaining Liquid-Filled Jar of Forever Crystal

The Supreme Intelligence is a vast cybernetic/organic computer system that has ruled the Kree Empire for almost a million years. The computer incorporates the disembodied brains of the greatest Kree statesmen and philosophers in its history, preserved cryogenically. The aggregation of brains creates a single collective intelligence able to use the vast information storage and processing capacities of these millions of minds in a creative way.

Although the cyber-organic computer system has the power to communicate psionicly over intergalactic range, when the Kree wish to interact directly with it, they address it in a audience chamber on the Imperial capital world of Kree-Lar. In this chamber, the Supreme Intelligence is embodied in a green-hued amorphous head sprouting tentacles from its cranium. The head is contained in a protective tank filled with life-sustaining liquid. This jar is constructed from nigh-impregnable Forever Crystal.

Although the head and tank are immobile, the Supreme Intelligence has the psionic power to manifest its will through other physical forms. It does so by possessing the minds of selected Kree subjects and/or animating android constructs.

Kree Supreme Intelligence

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