Necessary Evil: Marvel 1999

September 7, 2017 Session

Spring Break

Once again down a player, we had a session using the substitute villains of Delta Force 3. Ben played Ironclad, Kurt played Electro, and Jason played Hydro-Man.

Delta Force 3 has relocated to the east coast of Florida, where their leader Mystique has them hiding out in a run down beach side motel. While loitering in their motel room, awaiting instructions and watching reruns of Dinosaurs, Doctor Doom interrupts the broadcast. He tells the world (or at least those who still have electricity and television) that he’s still alive and has organized the various Delta Forces to resist the Kree. He reveals the Kree’s purpose on earth and calls upon all of humanity to join him in resisting them.

As Delta Force 3 reacts to this announcement (about which they weren’t informed in advance), Mystique arrives with a new mission from Doom. Delta Force 3 has been assigned to steal a space shuttle from Kennedy Space Center. Ironclad has to lead the mission, since he knows how to fly a shuttle, but Mystique says the whole team doesn’t need to bother going. She has already scouted the area and it seems to be lightly defended, if at all. Ultimately, Electro and Hydro-Man decide to accompany Ironclad, just for fun.

The villains make their way to the space center in their stolen maroon 1989 Plymouth Voyager minivan and enter the giant hanger without any trouble. However, as they approach the shuttle itself, a squad of chitauri teleports in to challenge them. Also, Doctor Minerva and Captain At-Las fly out from behind the shuttle. Lightly defended, indeed!

Ironclad crashes the van into the chitauri warleader while Electro and Hydro-Man take care of the chitauri minions. At-Las uses magnetic rays from his uni-beam to take advantage of Ironclad’s weakness, but Ironclad disarms him and the two engage in a wrestling match. Meanwhile, Electro and Hydro-Man trade energy (and water) blasts with Doctor Minerva. The battle is difficult, but Delta Force 3 ultimately prevails and flies off in the space shuttle (which is, of course, much simpler to launch and land in this superhuman universe).

The substitute villains each earned 6 XP, not that it’s going to matter.



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