Necessary Evil: Marvel 1999

October 5, 2017 Session

30 Rock

After Delta Force 2 watches Doctor Doom make his televised announcement to the world, Venom becomes agitated. Just before the broadcast, he caught a glimpse of a talk show and saw a woman that looked exactly like Mary Jane Watson. As an avid follower of electronic media, Machinesmith reveals all that he knows about the show:

The talk show is called “Live with Re-Gis and Mary Jane” and it’s on at the same time every weekday morning. It’s hosted by General Re-Gis, the Kree’s head of public relations, and a human actress named Mary Jane Watson. It’s basically a propaganda show where they interview guests who talk about how great the Kree occupation has been for humanity. The show used to be just “Live with General Re-Gis” until they added Mary Jane about six months ago.

Mary_Jane.jpgThe team tunes into the talk show the next day and watches as Re-Gis and Mary Jane interview J. Jonah Jameson, who explains that Doctor Doom is the worst of the “super-powered freaks.” At the end of the show, the hosts announce that J. Jonah will be on again tomorrow, when the show broadcasts live from Rockefeller Plaza. They also will be making a very special announcement, guaranteed to re-assure anyone frightened by Doctor Doom.

The team thinks this is probably a trap, but Venom is determined to go to Rockefeller Plaza and kidnap Mary Jane to make her his bride. The Blob and Lorelei are all in favor of young love and agree to help Venom. Machinesmith thinks it “sounds like a suicide mission,” so he’s also in.

The next morning, the team lands the Blackbird on the Port Authority roof and sneaks over to Rockefeller Center. Rather amazingly, they manage to go unnoticed and mingle with the small audience as the broadcast begins. The special announcement turns out to be that the Kree have recruited a team of superheroes, called the “New Defenders,” to oppose Doctor Doom. The New Defenders, explain the hosts, are the descendants of famous Nazi-punching heroes from World War II, who the Kree have tracked down and empowered with their technology.

J. Jonah Jameson approves, because those heroes from World War II (who were, ironically, known as “The Invaders” back then) were the last good super-freaks. The hosts introduce three of the New Defenders: Union Jack, Spitfire, and Miss America. Machinesmith has seen enough and decides to throw the famous statue of Titan Prometheus at the New Defenders. Unfortunately, the statue proves a bit too heavy for his tractor beam and the battle begins without a good surprise attack.

Mary_Jane_Skrull.jpgMachinesmith does manage to drop the statue on Spitfire, pinning her in the skating rink temporarily, while Blob and Lorelei fight Union Jack and Miss America. Venom takes advantage of the confusion to grab Mary Jane and web her up. However, she suddenly grows claws and cuts herself free! It is soon revealed that this Mary Jane is actually a shape-shifting alien Skrull, a mortal enemy of the Kree.

After Lorelei makes Union Jack cry like a baby, the battle goes well for Delta Force. They defeat the New Defenders and help the Skrull assassin complete her mission to murder General Re-Gis. She announces to the cameras that “Live with Re-Gis and Mary Jane” is cancelled. The Blob makes a very convincing and patriotic speech encouraging the TV audience to resist the Kree. Along with Skrull Mary Jane, Delta Force 2 retreats to the Blackbird and makes their escape.

I don’t remember if you took any hostages with you. We’ll figure that out at the start of next session.

For this session, everyone receives 6 XP: 3 for defeating the New Invaders, 2 for helping Mary Jane Skrull complete her mission and escape, 2 for doing it all on camera without embarrassing the cause.

Current unspent XP and levels available:
* The Blob: 6 XP, 1 level
* Lorelei: 6 XP, 0 levels
* Venom: 7 XP, 1 level
* Machinesmith: 6 XP, 1 level



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