Necessary Evil: Marvel 1999

November 30, 2017 Session


Doctor Doom is pleased that Delta Force 2 has negotiated an alliance with the Skrulls and the Kree traitor Colonel Yon-Rogg. However, now he has a problem for them to solve. Delta Force 3 recently stole a space shuttle, which will be crucial to the next phase of Doom’s plans. But Delta Force 3 is no longer responding to communications. Delta Force 2 needs to go to Mexico, where Delta Force 3 was hiding out and find out what happened to Doom’s precious shuttle.

Arriving at the coordinates in the Sonoran desert, Delta Force 2 finds a destroyed trailer park littered with the remains of what was once a space shuttle, along with several dead Kree and Chitauri. One of the dead Kree turns out to be an alive Mystique, leader of Delta Force 3.

Mystique reports that her team was attacked by “a bunch of World War II super-heroes,” who destroyed the shuttle. They also killed Electro and Hydro-Man and captured the rest of the team. Mystique escaped only by playing dead. She’s been hiding here, hoping Doom would send someone to investigate.

Mystique doesn’t know where the “World War II heroes,” who Delta Force 2 suspects are more Invaders clones like they fought at 30 Rock, might be hiding out, but she wants revenge. Investigating the dead Kree, everyone notices a strong smell of alcohol on the bodies. The Blob recognizes the smell as “Jose Quesada” tequila, which he knows is manufactured nearby.

The group, accompanied by Mystique, heads to the tequila distillery. In makeshift disguises and broken Spanish, they ask for a tour. The distillery workers quickly agree, but this proves only to be a ploy to lure the team in. The workers quickly reveal themselves to be the New Defenders (or Invaders, depending on who you ask), including the clones (Miss America, Spitfire, and Union Jack, who Delta Force fought before, plus Toro, Bucky, and Captain America!

A difficult battle ensues. Mystique throws a smoke grenade that doesn’t bother the New Defenders at all and, therefore, does more harm than good. The various team members can’t really see what’s going on, but Blob and Lorelei end up fighting Captain America, Bucky, and Spitfire, while Machinesmith and Venom end up engaged with Union Jack, Toro, and Miss America.

Things become more confusing when Venom comes out of the smoke and attacks… the Blob? The Delta Force quickly figures out this is actually Mystique in disguise, and that she must be a traitor to the cause, or maybe a clone. Finally, the real Venom kills Miss America. Machinesmith, taking control of Union Jack’s cybernetic implant, makes the British hero shoot himself in the head. Blob manages to squeeze Captain America and Spitfire into unconsciousness. Lorelei after knocking out Bucky, flings the fake Venom into a burning tequila distilling column. A very angry Toro is easy to “extinguish” after that.

For the last two sessions in total, everyone receives 16 XP: 2 for making an alliance with the Skrulls, plus 2 for doing it without being explicitly told that was their mission and 2 more for turning the trial by combat into a team-up against the Sentinel; 1 for finding the tequila distillery without a lot of messing around, 1 for coming up with the name “Jose Quesada”, 6 for defeating the whole team of New Invaders, and 1 for unveiling Mystique as a traitor in the process; 1 for the GM cancelling a session in the middle there. Everyone also gets one more level.

Current unspent XP and levels available:
* The Blob: 22 XP, 2 levels
* Lorelei: 22 XP, 1 level
* Venom: 23 XP, 2 levels
* Machinesmith: 23 XP, 2 levels



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