Necessary Evil: Marvel 1999

May 24, 2017 Session

Jailbreak Revisited

Down a player, we played out a side scenario using the superhumans rescued from Riker’s Island. Andy played Electro and Hydro-Man, Kurt played Black Cat and The Toad, and Jason played Ironclad and Typhoid Mary.

While the Delta Force PCs are exploring the sewers, their erstwhile allies cause a bit of trouble at the Hoboken warehouse. Specifically, thanks to a combination of Lorelei’s emotional manipulation and his own unpleasant personality, Ironclad bullies Nitro into a massive detonation that completely destroys the safe house. Although there’s no sign of Nitro in the aftermath, the other superhumans manage to survive the explosion through some combination of luck, quick reflexes, or sheer toughness. And the terrified civilian Mary Alice Walker transforms back into Typhoid Mary.

Doctor Doom shows up soon after. Although he’s upset at the destruction, he recognizes an opportunity. The Kree forces at Riker’s Island Superhuman Detention Facility are sure to investigate, leaving the prison relatively undefended again. Doom has learned of a new, recently captured prisoner that he wants to recruit: the mutant shapeshifter Mystique. So he offers the miscreants a choice: complete this mission for him or he can leave them in the rubble to wait for the Kree. Eager to prove themselves useful, the substitute Delta Force agrees.

In a scene nearly identical to the start of the first session, Doom drops his new minions from the sky high above Riker’s Island. The Kree have learned a little from their previouse mistake, though, and installed some artillery. Again, through a combination of luck, quick reflexes, and sheer toughness, the substitute PCs manage to avoid the Nega-Bomb missiles and Uni-Beam cannon blasts and reach the ground unharmed.

After the PCs destroy the artillery, the main control room door opens crack and a grenade rolls out. This grenade doesn’t explode. Instead, it opens a dimensional portal that summons a squad of Chitauri. After defeating the Chitauri, the PCs ignore the control room and break into the prison tunnels, where they rescue Mystique, along with several other superhumans (see the Riker’s Island entry for a list).

Doctor Doom arrives to retrieve the group and the newly freed prisoners. He forgives the substitute PCs for destroying his warehouse and offers the let them become his Delta Force Number 3, under Mystique’s leadership. He implies that the main PCs are actually Delta Force Number 2, leaving open the question of who, exactly, makes up Delta Force Number 1.

Black Cat declines, saying she has unfinished business with Venom, but the rest eagerly accept. Doctor Doom transports them to a new safe house in an undisclosed location, instructing Typhoid Mary to realign the men’s emotions a bit to avoid another incident.

The substitute characters each earned 8 XP not that it’s likely to matter.


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