Necessary Evil: Marvel 1999

July 19, 2017 Session

Sinister Secrets, Part 1

Only Andy and Kurt made this session, but because this will be a multi-part adventure, we proceeded with all four characters anyway.

After turning the Nasty Woman and Chelsea over to Doctor Doom, Delta Force 2 has some down time. Machinesmith begins experimenting with the deactivated Ultron, incorporating some of their new base’s alien technology. He comes up with a prototype new body for himself, but it’s not quite ready yet.

In other words, I didn’t quite have time to spend his XP for him before the session.

Lorelei enchants herself a magical returning dagger. Venom does creepy Venom stuff. The Blob discovers a very good pizza place in nearby Salem Center. Soon enough, Doctor Doom contacts the team holographicly via the Danger Room systems. He has several important things to relay:

1. The Nasty Woman is not the real Hillary Clinton. She is, in fact, a mutant clone created by the mysterious supervillain Mister Sinister and put in place long before the Kree invaded. This explains why she tends to change into a snake-woman under stress.

2. By hacking the Kree Omni-Wave Intranet, Doom has learned the real reason the aliens are here. It’s not to save humanity from their own violent tendency, as they have claimed. Nor is it, strictly speaking, to exploit our natural resources for their own gain. It is because the Kree, as a species, have been evolutionarily stagnant for millennia. They believe the human race’s highly volatile DNA will lead them to a breakthrough that will fix this problem. This explains why they’ve been transporting mutants and other superhumans off-planet: to dissect them! Doom believes they will soon move on to ordinary humans, as well.

3. The information the Kree got from the Nasty Woman that they were so excited about was not U.S. national defense secrets she got as the (fake) First Lady. Instead, it was information about her secret master, Mister Sinister, and his mastery of genetic technology. With item 2, above, in mind, it’s clear why the Kree were so interested in Nasty Woman as an informant.

Visit this link for confirmation that the Kree’s evolutionary stagnation is actually Marvel canon, plus some other interest facts Doom would probably have told you.

So, Doom has an immediate assignment for Delta Force 2. The Nasty Woman has revealed to him, just as she did to the Kree, the location of Mister Sinister’s secret base. If the team can get there before the aliens do and destroy it, they’ll really ruin the Kree High Command’s day.

Agreeing to the mission, the group jumps on the Blackbird and flies to the Sinister base: an aging stately mansion in rural MIssouri. As they investigate the grounds, four full squads of Chitauri gate in via strange pylons on the lawn. A pitched battle ensues in which the Delta Force eventually defeats the Chitauri, along with an invisible Kree Lieutenant who used his cloaking device to attack from surprise. However, most of the team, especially the Blob, receives serious injuries from the Chitauri lasonic disintegration weapons.



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