Necessary Evil: Marvel 1999

January 17, 2018 Session

Lorelei and the Blob Go to Asgard

After destroying Satellite 13, Delta Force 2 turns their 14 Kree prisoners over to Doctor Doom. Doom is pleased since this allows him to arrange a prisoner exchange, increasing the ranks of the resistance forces. In the exchange, the Kree turn over the following captive superhumans:

Delta Force 1’s trip to the moon was also a success. It turns out the Inhumans were not responding to communications because they were under the mental domination of the mad prince Maximus. Once Delta Force 1 freed the royal family and restored Black Bolt to the throne, the Inhumans were only too happy to assist the resistance and provide a sample of Terrigen crystals.

Over the months that follow, the several Delta Force teams have success after success against the Kree occupiers, who are no longer able to instantaneously summon Chitauri reinforcements. Finally, Doom unleashes his Terrigen Bomb, rendering the earth’s biosphere toxic to the Kree.

The war is not yet over, though, as the Kree withdraw to a base in the Blue Area of the moon. From there, they can still threaten the earth with Nega-Bombs and asteroid projectiles. Doom wants them out of the solar system altogether. Since dimensional travel is possible again, he plans to create a portal to the Inhuman city of Atillan (also in the Blue Area). From there, all of the earth’s defenders can launch a final assault on the last Kree stronghold.

Doom wants to rally an overwhelming force for this final battle, so he calls a meeting to brainstorm possible allies. Delta Force 2 provides a number of useful suggestions (including some the GM hadn’t even thought of):

  • the captured Invaders clones (which Doom has reprogrammed)
  • the Russian superheroes encountered in Kazakhstan
  • Callisto and the Morlocks
  • the Mole Man (who Lorelei agrees to un-statue-ify) and his monsters
  • the Kingpin and his Maggia goon squad (Lorelei agrees to call in the favor she earned)
  • the Super-Skrulls
  • Elektra and her Hand ninjas (Venom reveals that he’s had Elektra hidden away all this time!)

Doom thinks these are all good suggestions, but pushes for one additional important alliance: the Gods of Asgard. Lorelei doubts they will listen to her, but agrees to a diplomatic mission. The Blob goes along for moral support.

At the shattered Rainbow Bridge, the pair encounters Heimdall and negotiate entry into Asgard for the Blob. They also learn the latest news: Thor and Loki are missing and Odin is asleep. Balder is currently Regent of Asgard, but resides with his wife, the sorceress Karnilla, in far away Nornheim. The closest source of allies for Doom’s final battle will be Valhalla, where Heimdall reports several powerful Asgardians are currently residing.

Therefore, Lorelei and the Blob visit a drinking hall in Valhalla, where they encounter the Warriors Three, Brunhilda the Valkyrie, and the Lady Sif. Obviously, a brawl ensues. Things go poorly for Lorelei and the Blob until Balder and Karnilla teleport in and put a stop to it. With Karnilla whispering in his earn, Balder announces that the situation on earth “smacks of Celestial interference.” Therefore, he decrees, Asgard is destined to aid Doctor Doom and the Delta Force in the final battle with the Kree.

For this session, Lorelei and the Blob each receive 8 XP: 2 for securing Asgard’s help and 6 for all the other good ideas about allies.

For our final two sessions, we’re no longer paying attention to “levels,” so you can spend XP however you want. Current unspent XP available:
* The Blob: 21 XP
* Lorelei: 8 XP
* Venom: 0 XP
* Machinesmith: 15 XP


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