Necessary Evil: Marvel 1999

August 16, 2017 Session

Sinister Secrets, Part 3

After Delta Force 2 defeats the Mauraders (again), the woman’s voice warns them once again to leave or be destroyed. Of course, the team refuses to leave. Machinesmith opens the door to the final chamber of Mister Sinister’s secret lair.

Inside, they discover that the Kree have beaten them there. The group is led by Doctor Minerva, who is the woman who’s been warning them off. It also includes Captain At-Las, Korath the Pursuer, and a few soldiers. Another cloning tube is in the center of the chamber, with a shadowy figure inside.

Compared to the last two battles, this one is surprisingly easy. Lorelei dominates one of the Kree soldiers and stumbles across a personality weakness in At-Las that allows her commands to effectively remove him from the combat. During the fight, however, she also smashes the cloning chamber, freeing Mister Sinister. He reads Blob’s deepest thoughts and learns what’s happening here, but doesn’t have a chance to do anything else.

Doctor Minerva activates At-Las’ self-destruct device, but Machinesmith is able to possess it long enough to learn its range and alert everyone to get out of the way, along with the captive Korath. He also learns that the device actually teleports Minerva and At-Las to safety before detonating. Mister Sinister also escapes, turning astral before his base is destroyed.

For this session, everyone receives 18 XP: 2 for defeating all the Chitauri I could come up with plus a cloaked Kree, 1 for learning an important secret about the Chitauri, 2 for defeating the Mauraders a third time, 1 more for doing it in style by messing with the cloning tubes, 2 for defeating the Kree leaders, 1 for embarrassing Captain At-Las in the process, 4 for completing the mission and retrieving Mister Sinister’s genetic data, -1 for setting Mister Sinister free, and and a 5 point bonus for the multiple sessions and multiple combats involved.

Each PC also gets one more combat effectiveness level, raising your maximum to 15.

Current unspent XP and levels available:
* The Blob: 24 XP, 1 level
* Lorelei: 26 XP, 2 levels
* Venom: 20 XP, 1 level
* Machinesmith: 12 XP, 1 level



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