Necessary Evil: Marvel 1999

April 6, 2017 Session

Morlocks and Mauraders

Doctor Doom assigns the Delta Force to find the Mole Man’s hidden geothermal energy facility, buried deep beneath New York City, and install an energy beaming device. Doom’s sources don’t know exactly where the Mole Man’s facility is located, but the Blob has an idea who might: the Morlocks, outcast mutants who live in tunnels below the City’s sewer and subway systems. After hearing the Blob’s description of the Morlock’s domain, Venom surmises that their home might actually be part of an old, abandoned civil defense system he’s heard about.

After Machinesmith equips his android body with a headlamp, Venom leads the Delta Force into the sewers in the general direction of where he thinks the civil defense tunnels might be. It isn’t long before the party encounters some Morlocks, specifically Caliban, Erg, Masque, and Sunder. There are some brief negotiations, which are interrupted by the arrival of four other mutants. The newcomers identify themselves as the Marauders, proclaim that the only good mutants are dead mutants (except Marauders, of course), and attack both the Delta Force and the Morlocks.

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During the battle that follows:

  • Riptide badly injures the Blob before Venom tears Riptide to bits
  • Vertigo makes several Delta Force members dizzy before she is knocked unconscious and transformed into a hideous porcupine-woman by Masque
  • Arclight accomplishes nothing before the Blob squeezes her unconscious so she can later be murdered by the Morlocks
  • Erg suggests that the Blob hit him, but not too hard; the Blob declines
  • Harpoon runs away from Caliban, gets suplexed by Sunder, then recovers and knocks out Caliban
  • Lorelei falls face-down into the sewage before getting back up and turning Harpoon into a statue
  • Lorelei gives the Blob something that looks like an energy drink, but stops all the bleeding

After the Mauraders are defeated, Caliban agrees to help the Delta Force. He assigns Erg to escort the PCs and the captured, transformed Vertigo to the Alley, the Morlock’s main home. From there, the Morlock leader, Callisto might be able to direct them to their goal, the Mole Man’s base.

XP and other rewards will wait until this mission is complete, so stay tuned…



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