Necessary Evil: Marvel 1999

April 20, 2017 Session

More Morlocks and More Mauraders

Erg leads the Delta Force deeper into the sewers, along with the prisoner Vertigo (who Masque transformed into a hideous porcupine creature last session, remember?). At the entrance to the Morlocks’ home, they encounter Morlock leader Callisto wielding a knife to hold off an angry-looking hairy man in tighty whities. As the Delta Force approaches, the hairy man turns his attention away from Callisto and leaps toward them, in the process transforming into the savage Marauder, Sabretooth!

It turns out there are some other Marauders lurking in the chamber outside the Morlocks’ front door: Scrambler, Prism, and, curiously, a pre-transformation copy or clone of Vertigo! The Delta Force, with no help from Erg, helps Callisto battle the attacking Marauders. In the process, Machinesmith is temporarily shut down by Scrambler and Lorelei is temporarily blinded by Prism. The Blob discovers that the area near the door is surround by a power-negating field that makes him skinny when he enters it. It also explains why Callisto was able to hold off Sabretooth and the other Marauders all by herself.

In spite of these curiosities, the Delta Force and Callisto ultimately defeat the Marauders. The grateful Callisto introduces them to a couple of other Morlocks: Healer, who patches up their injuries, and Leech, who was responsible for the useful power-negating field. Callisto explains that the Marauders attacked the Morlocks previously, before the Kree Invasion. Some of the Marauders were killed back then, so she has no idea how they are alive again or why there are two Vertigos. She does know they were working for someone called “Sinister” during their previous attack.

Putting the Mystery of the Marauders aside for now, the Delta Force asks if Callisto knows anything about the Mole Man’s hidden lair. She says suspects she knows where it might lie: there’s a passage deep in the Morlocks’ domain where they have encountered “monsters.” She agrees that she or another Morlock will lead the Delta Force to that place.



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